Rock Gym - Youth Classes

Doylestown Rock Gym offers youth classes for rock climbers age 2.5 and up. If you have prior rock climbing experience, or have participated in one of our other programs, then you may be interested in our Youth Climbing Club, Advanced Climbing Club or DRG Climbing Team programs as well. If you can’t commit to an on-going youth climbing class then try our Kids Night Out option…great for kids…even better for parents!

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Family Climbing Class

All participants will receive instruction on safety, climbing technique, and use of equipment. Parents and children over the age of 14 will be taught belay skills. There must be one parent for every two children. Ages 6 and older.
DURATION: 3 weeks     
  • $75 for 2 family members
  • $90 for 3 family members
  • $105 for 4 family members
  • $120 for 5 family members