Rock Gym - Narrows Access Info

This page is to provide information regarding the Narrows closure due to raptor nesting. We will post up to date information regarding the closure as well as any efforts/progress being made to alter it.


  • The majority of Narrows is closed for all ice climbing beginning February 1 – July 31, 2018.
  • Dead Deer Gully and a few select outliers are NOT in the closure area as shown on the mapĀ  below.

Narrows ice climbing closure map

  • Parking is still permitted.
  • DCNR and the PGC both appreciated the 100% compliance we have had with the closure in the past. This respect goes along way so please pass the word not to climb there during the closure.



Efforts have been made in coordination with the Access Fund to reduce the closure. So far, these have been unsuccessful. However, the Access Fund is still involved and committed to assisting with this access issue. Please educated yourself and those you climb with so that you can fully understand the scope of the closure and the details involved. The following link will provide the most up to date information.


Narrows Access Information


Please feel free to pass this information on or post this information to anyone who you think may be interested.

Comments and questions can be directed to


Access Fund

If you haven’t do so already, please join the Access Fund.
They are instrumental in helping with access issues and they are trying to help our little crag as well!